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Toolkit for 2011

Monetization of traffic significantly depends on the following factors:

  • type and methodology of advertising surfers interact with;
  • devices used to navigate through web-pages;
  • features of website audience.

Taking into consideration all factors mentioned above, we create effective tools for both professional webmasters with big volumes of traffic and beginners.

All tools are intuitive and equipped with clear setup instructions. If necessary, our customer support is always ready to help you.

We strive to implement the newest advertising tools, adapt them to our business needs and help webmasters to use them effectively.


Protection against fraud clicks guarantees the safety of your investments.

To monitor fraudulent traffic we use services developed by our company as well as specialized ones.

The quality of traffic depends directly on visitors' interest in ads, that's why we conduct detailed analysis of website visitors' behavior and clicks on ads. It vividly shows how much visitor was interested in ad when clicking on it.

Our system remembers all visitors, who clicked on our ads, and monitors the use of different techniques which force visitors to click on ads.

The system remembers not only IP address but computer mask as well. In this way fraudsters will not be able to use one computer for fraudulent clicks.


  • 20.03.2011

    Traffic sorting Our advertisers sort traffic by sub-account ID. Therefore if you have traffic with different the...

  • 18.03.2011

    Image Feed We've added a possibility to specify what ads should appear above certain image when mouse hovers...

  • 15.03.2011

    CTR Lately all big Feed providers offer higher bids to accounts with smaller click-through ratio. We...